Sunday, 6 January 2013

Royal Marines (Piratical ones)

Firstly Happy New Year to everyone, bit late but it is my first post of the new year. I'm in the midst of planning various 2013 projects at the moment but over the last couple of days painted up these four lovely miniatures.

They are one of the Royal Marines sets from Black Scorpions Pirates range. There resin (but very reasonably priced) and were a real joy to paint. I find white challenging but the extra effort these required was worth it. As most will know Black Scorpions figures are scaled Heroically that's to say they are a little big for 28mm, but these were really nice sculpts and as I have no other pirates or anything of this era they wont be out of scale!

The wife picked these up for me at Christmas and I will most certainly be getting more from Black Scorpion in the future. Just lovely figures all round, and very little flash or cleaning was required. They come for slota bases but I'm not a fan of raised bases and prefer the low profile of a coin.

In other Christmas chap related news I thought I would share a picture of what my family bought me this year.

As some of you may recall I rather like a gin and tonic, well as is evident from the picture my family decided to encourage my mid day drinking by buying me this wonderful globe drinks cabinet. It's full size (not a mini table one or anything like that) and I personally love it. Of course now I will just have to buy more decanters, old glasses and various types of gin to fill it with!


  1. Nice work on the Royal Marines Smillie they look fantastic. I do like Black Scorpion figures as well. I had two sets of these in metal a while back but then decided I didn't want to do pirates and sold them on.

  2. Great work on those Marines they look fantastic.
    Peace James

  3. Really nice figures. I must admit I have thought about buying these recently... But I already have far too many projects on the go!! Lovely to see them painted so well though.

  4. Fine job on some nicely sculpted troops, Smillie.

  5. Thanks guys, not a subject I would normally collect but perhaps yet another small "now and then" project ;)