Thursday, 24 January 2013

Leicester Hospital Build: Small Update

Just a quick update to show what I've been doing on this today. I have added some detail to the front of the building and started building the chimneys for the roof. I have also managed to get the brick texture for this building stuck on. Lots of tidying up to do, and I have to add the windows, doors corner stones etc.

I'm pleased with how the basic brick texture looks the effect is really good (in my opinion). The textures are from  Scalescenes who have a great selection of textures. They are aimed at the model railway crowd but there O gauge scale works fine for 28mm wargaming.

The good lady wife is in the progress of creating the windows and doors in photoshop/illustrator for me. Hope to get more done later, but really depends on how much time I have.


  1. That brick effect looks great


  2. This is turning out to be an outstanding scratchbuild project! Great modeling.

  3. Nice effect walls look marvellous.

  4. Mighty fine Mr. Smillie, mighty fine!

  5. Thanks Guys I'm really pleased with how the brick texture turned out.