Sunday 28 November 2010

Foreign Advisor & Militia

Just spruced up an Artizan German Officer that I've had for a while. Looks much smarter than it did before and could work equally well as a Foreign advisor to the local BUF detachment. I also painted up a Militia man  that I had in the cupboard, also from Artizan. I went for a light green coat with nice green wellies.

Saturday 27 November 2010

Force Multiplier

Following the recent BG3 it became painfully apparent that my force needed a bit of a fire power upgrade. So I have invested in a shiny new Mortar from Artizan Designs. I have painted it up to go with my RAF/Militia based Wittering Defence Force army, although there is no reason why they can't also be used as SFF with stolen RAF uniforms.

A nice model and a simple paint job, I just need to base the figures and finish of the Mortar base. I have also picked up a few more militia types to flesh out my army, might paint them tomorrow or later in the week.

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Another couple of blue suits

Just finished my last two blue suits for the Wittering Defence Force (WDF).

At the moment the WDF is looking like a light company comprising of 1 Company HQ section with attached  Heavy MG led by Wing Cmd Burleigh (no relation). 1 Platoon Cmd Section leading three 10 man rifle sections comprised of 1 regular RAF rifle section and two 10 man rifle (Militia) sections in old WW1 early WW2 equipment.

The 2nd Platoon Cmd Section is leading one 10 man rifle section and one under strength anti tank section.

I have just ordered a Mortar section to beef up the WDF's and SFF's (When I'm using them in that guise) fire power. It became apparent during the Big Game 3 that my force was lacking some long range fire power so the Mortar should come in very handy. The plan in the long term is to add another two 10 man rifle sections so that I have a light infantry company.

Saturday 20 November 2010

Farmer Giles

Following on from yesterdays painting of the Chard character model from Empress I decided to paint the Hook model from the same pack like a farmer or similar militia character. I've painted him so that he's wearing a khaki army shirt open over his shirt and braces.

I really like how he turned out, and think the whole model looks very farmer like. I was tempted to remove the rifle and exchange it for a pitchfork but alas I didn't have one to hand and wasn't confident that my modelling skills could stretch to green stuffing a pitchfork.

Thursday 18 November 2010


I've had Empress's Zulu character pack in the cupboard for a while now, but have never gotten round to painting the figures up. As I don't really feel like painting the thin red line at the moment I thought the model of Stanley Baker as Lieutenant John Chard would, with the right paint job fit right into the Wittering Defence Force.

I couldn't resist painting the trousers blue with a nice regimental red stripe but the rest of the uniform is painted to match my WW1 and WW2 uniforms. I decided to paint the shoulder braid gold, because well why not. All in all a great model and I like the result. There may even be room for James Booth as Henry Hook in the force, if I can come up with the right sort of paint job!

Friday 12 November 2010

Armoured Car

With the Big Game 3 kicking off in a matter of hours I realised I had no transport for my SFF force.

So in the last 3 hours I have cobbled together the above, armoured car, well sort of armoured.. Starting life as a 1.35 scale kubelwagon I squared of the top a bit with some foam board and then slapped a load of corrugated car on to represent metal.

All in all its a satisfactory job, I painted the hull of the car blue so that it looks like it's a civilian car which has been pressed into service. The bit of white on the front wheel is pva glue which hasn't dried yet. It'll do for the moment but in the long run something better is needed.

Tuesday 2 November 2010

More ammo?

Just finished painting up the loader to go with Mrs Miggins. I'm generally pleased with how this turned out although I'm still not sure about the grey shirt. The overall finish of the model wasn't great. Mainly because I didn't give the model the usual warm water rinse prior to undercoating, instead on autopilot I just cracked on with undercoating. As a result my undercoat of choice "caked" a bit in some places, mainly on the face and in creases, still I think the overall finish is good enough.

Monday 1 November 2010

Your Kingdom Needs You!

Sketch of a soldier in an imaginary uniform that my wife (the artist in the family) created. The soldier is drawn with pencil and the writing was added in photoshop. She plans on painting it at some point, but I love the sketch and thought I would pop it on the blog.