Sunday 24 November 2013

It's been some time

Well its been something like 6 months since I posted anything at all, so there's something ironic about my first post resurrecting the blog being of some zombies. I can't even say I painted these recently as I painted them six months ago and just lost all interest in modelling/painting etc shortly afterwards so they never made it on to the blog.

The figures are the studio miniatures plastics, with some modifications by me. The first one I have punked up by adding a bit of hair and a hood to the jacket nothing fancy but it works for me.

This guy goes with another studio miniatures plastic zombie I turned into a cop awhile a go. I wanted my zombie cop to have a partner so sculpted some shirt onto this one along with a belt, holster and some equipment pouches. I like it, again nothing fancy but it works.

This guy has had nothing really done to him except that I stuck a rifle in his hand as though he is a hunter, or national guardsman that's been turned and is still dragging his weapon along with him.

I might have got my modelling and painting mojo back, I'm really not sure. I'm going to have a go at some painting this week and see how I feel.