Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Kickstarter - Precinct by Jim Walls

Well I finally joined the masses of Kickstarting!

I was browsing around on PCGamer last night and noticed an article about how Jim Walls (of the old and outstanding Police Quest games) was going to come out of retirement and with an old colleague from Sierra Online and create Precinct a successor to the old Police Quest games.

Now I loved the police quest games as a kid and oddly just played through them again, despite the appalling graphics and fiddly controls of the originals what still shines through is the top notch gameplay which was enhanced no end by Jim Walls background as a former cop.

The game gave you different paths and was hard, it also pulled no punches in making you think and I really hope that style is kept, as making it difficult was what made it half the fun.

I have always wanted someone to remake these games with modern graphics but the same decision based difficult gameplay.

Well this is up on Kickstarter at the moment and I'm excited just from the very limited concept art/video they have up. I think this looks amazing and would really encourage everyone to jump in and fund this. I am an old school PC Gamer and would love for this to be made.

Check out the old games, look past the graphics and you will notice how deep and emerging the gameplay is.

The Kickstarter is here

In modelling news I'm fiddling with some zombie figures at the moment and who knows I might actually paint them!