Saturday, 26 January 2013

Leicester Hospital Build: Window Textures

My wonderful and amazingly talented wife (gushing enough or do I need more?) has made me these three window textures for use on the Leicester Hospital build. The red brick texture in the background is from Scale Scenes and has just been photo shopped in behind the wife's windows to show what they would look like stuck on.

I am frankly astounded by how good these look. The wife has created all of the surrounds, frames shading and shadows from scratch, as above the only bought item is the red brick which is just in these pictures to show what the frames will look like once printed and stuck on.

I will have to wait until next week to print these as the wife wont be able to get them printed until then, but I think these are amazing. She's currently working on the front door for the hospital for me and I expect that will look just as good.

If there is any interest the wife might make these windows (minus the Scale Scenes red brick background) available for download in the future. Thanks for looking.


  1. Oh I say there Mr Smillie, your good lady has done you proud there as they look amazing.

  2. Those look marvellous, Well done the Missus!!

  3. Thanks guys, she is bloody clever.

  4. Outstanding Mrs Smillie and for what its worth there can never be enough gushing!