Monday 28 June 2010

All present and correct sir

Most of the above miniatures were painted and based with Platoon/Company actions in mind. However I have recently gotten into "1938 a very British civil war" and I'm going to press these guys into action. I haven't decided what army I'm going to create yet, some pondering of the source books will ensue I think. But for the moment I will be re basing the group stands so they match the guy based differently to the left of the photo. Then I will move on and paint the other 3 stands that I haven't painted yet. After that, I will hopefully have made an army choice and can go on a bit of shopping spree. Never know I might even buy some white spray paint and finish my Tomb Kings Skeleton unit, sufficed to say that army is now on hold.

Tea Sarge?

As I have run out of white spray paint and can't undercoat the last of my skellies bodies and shields I have gone back to painting some WW2 Minis from Artizan Designs, who produce some great miniatures for a number of periods.

I originally started painting these British infantry figures to base as squads for platoon/company level games. However I recently been sucked into the background of "1938 a very British civil war" which is great and really off the wall. I finished the above mini this evening and quite like the results, I've got a number of figures already painted in this scheme which I will elaborate on in the next post.

Monday 21 June 2010

Glowing eyes

This is my first go at a bit of directional lighting. I wanted to try and make it look as though there was a bit of glowing light coming from my skeletons eyes. I doubt I will do it to all rank and file, but thought it might look cool for the unit champion. Also I just wanted to try a technique I hadn't tried before, I'm pleased with my first go next time I think I will try and make a gem or bottle glow.

Thursday 17 June 2010

the colour of death

Well thats me painted a load of heads/bodies legs arms and other bits. All  I have to do is undercoat the shields (as I ran out of undercoat when I last sprayed the sprues). At this point once assembled I will have 13 completed skellies.

I have another load of bodies to do which will bring the total unit upto 25 skellies including command. I've really enjoyed painting them so far and by painting them on the sprues I've really been able to churn out the models, usually it would take me ages to paint 13 instead its only taken me two quick days.

I've really enjoyed painting the skellies so I'll be continuing with my Tomb Kings army, im thinking chariots next.

Sunday 13 June 2010

The dead cometh

After many months painting things blue for my Imperial Guard army I fancied a break. So I thought I would have a go at a Tomb Kings army. I've not had much success at horde army's in the past but I have always fancied having an undead force and I wanted to paint the "badies" for a change.

I went for a dark green as my primary colour which I think looks really good with the gold. For a change rather than spend ages constructing and then struggling to paint the model's i undercoated the sprue in white and painted everything on the sprue. This was much faster and easier than usual and now I'm going to undercoat the other sprues to finish my first batch of skellies.

Sunday 6 June 2010

Current Army

My current army, works out at about 650 points comprised of the following:-

HQ - Company commander with Boltgun and Powerfist with Melta Bombs, Medic, Voxcaster, Sniper, Plasma Gunner, Krak Grenades, Carpace Armour

HQ - Lord Commissar with Carpace Armour and Power Weapon

Troops -

1 - Veteran Squad. Sgt with Plasma Gun and Power Sword. Squad has Vox Caster, Grenade Launcher, Heavy Bolter team. Grenadier Squad (Carpace Armour)

2 - Veteran Squad with Voxcaster, Flamer, Lascannon Team, Grenadier Squad (Carpace Armour), Chimera Transport with Heavy Stubber and extra armour.

3 - Veteran Squad with Voxcaster, Flamer, Heavy Flamer and Grenadier Squad (Carpace Armour)

I'm not sure what to add at this point. I'm thinking perhaps a Sentinel or two or maybe another tank.


Saturday 5 June 2010

Last squad (probably)

My latest squad for my Mordian style army. I will use them either as a veteran squad or as penal legion troopers. Yes I know that I can't have a bolter armed guardsman so in reality he will obviously have lasgun stats.

If there penal legion I will add a commissar model as custodian and remove the two flame dudes for basic troopers.

This rounds my army out at 3 infantry squads each of ten men. Frankly this well be the last as I always struggle to paint lots of pretty much the same thing. Its the main reason I don't have a ork or nid army