Tuesday 21 March 2017

Radio Ruperts

Just a quick update, I painted up this 20mm Officer and Radio Opp from AB miniatures, as usual lovely crisp casts. Really enjoying painting up the 20mm miniatures lately, the time required to complete is so much less than 28mm and I prefer the way they look on the table. Going to be topping up my lead pile with some more AB figures in the near future. 

Saturday 18 March 2017

Fire Team

Some modest progress on my 20mm British force, more lovely figures from AB of course, rounds my platoon out to 3 8 man sections. I have half a command section on the paint table at the moment waiting the arrival of mortar and other support elements. 

I have also finished putting together an Airfix 1/76 Cromwell its a little small for 20mm but not distressingly so. Its just a simple build and went together quite nicely with no significant gaps or issues with the fitting of parts. I did fill the hull with 1p coins glued together to give it some weight. Hopefully get some paint on this in a few weeks. 

Tuesday 7 March 2017

Simple Green

Finished four of these cold war Brits from Elheim Miniatures over the weekend, I simply couldn't be bothered with camouflage so went for the older single colour green uniform that persisted for sometime after the war. As ever nice figures from Elheim, no doubt more will follow at some point.

Currently working on some more AB Figures ww2 Brits and tank support along with endless studying.