Sunday 26 June 2016

Double Swords

Possibly the final Highlander, I have two left but i'm not sure if I'll do them or move onto something else. I suffered with a loss of tip to my smaller brushes on this one so some of the lines are a bit "blobby" in places. I know I know a poor workman and his tools and all that, but I think I need to invest in some new brushes as my current ones are getting a bit knackered out.

Saturday 18 June 2016

Wrong end of the Musket

 Another highlander finished, I did this one using my favorite tartan pattern to paint. The effect of the pattern is really nice, and it looks much more complicated than it actually is. I can't remember if this is a real tartan or not, I think it is but I really don't recall where I got the pattern from.

In other news I'm eyeing some 15mm Napoleonic at the moment for a new project.

Thursday 9 June 2016

Jug o Ale

 Another week in and another Warlord Clansman done, I think this ones from the "Arrant Scum" packs or something like that. I actually started painting this guys kilt about 2 years ago and gave up as the tartan wasn't going how I wanted it.

For this iteration I painted over the older, paler tartan with a darker choice, again fairly happy with the results, though I think the shirt needed a few more highlights.

I wanted that "been drinking awhile" look so added a red glaze to the cheeks and nose of the figure, not sure how visible that is in the pictures but I like the effect.

Working on more of these at the moment, really starting to enjoy painting tartan and as before just one figure at a time.

In other news my wife and I have become obsessed with the Magic the Gathering card game, surprisingly simple and complicated at the same time. We gave it a go as something easier to setup and play than a full board game. So far very enjoyable and as there are thousands of cards lots of options and all that with updating decks etc.

Thursday 2 June 2016

Highland Warrior

 Bit of a change of pace, I have had this Clansman figure from Warlord games in the lead pile along with another 20 or so from the same range for about 2 years. I think (but I can't really remember) that they were bought as part of a now aborted ECW project.

I've never got around to painting them as they are mostly wearing kilts or trews which require some kind of competent tartan. While I have painted tartan a fair bit in the past I tend to have only one type of tartan I can paint and its a nightmare to paint on non flat surfaces like this more old school looking kilt.

Well bored over the weekend I decided to pick one of the Clansmen at random and paint him on his own, I actually quite enjoyed the freedom of painting just one single figure as I am often painting 3 or 4 at once, or a unit etc.

Overall fairly happy with the results, my tartan is a bit dodgy in places but overall I like how the figure looks. My basing came out a tad more yellow than I intended, but as I'm trying a slightly different basing material at the moment I'll just go ahead and forgive myself!