Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Lying down on the job

Well that's the last of my Artizan British Infantry painted. I have however ordered a veritable raft of miniatures from Musketeer Miniatures to complete (or almost complete) my SFF force for VBCW. In other news I've ordered some of the lovely anglo-zulu war  British Infantry sculpts from Empress Miniatures to start my other little project off.

Monday, 19 July 2010

The Cult of the Golden Triangle

I got a little distracted over the weekend and in between rebasing my British Infantry I painted up the set of Artizan Design Cultists that I found in a cupboard earlier in the week. They were just crying out to be painted and they were really great fun to paint. I made a point of painting there trousers differnently because I wanted them to look like they had just come home from there various "day jobs" and jumped into there Cult tabard.

I decided to name this little band of nutters "The Cult of the Golden Triangle" mainly because I'm not great at drawing/painting symbols free hand and a triangle filled with gold was nice and simple and gold looks good with purple and red so its all good. I have no idea what I will use these guys for they may just live on my display shelf. But if Artizan release any other models in this range I will be sure to flesh out the cult.

Operation Rebase complete

Well I have now rebased all my existing British Infantry onto coins or washers so they can all skirmish. I have one smg guy left to paint and then its online ordering time. I've worked out what I'm buying next and I'm going to be having a bit of painting marathon over the next few months. I'm trying to also avoid getting sucked into starting a Zulu era British infantry company, must resist.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Base of fire

Just finished my Artizan British Infantry HMG. Great little model I still need to complete the base but other than that its done. I probably wont do the base for a while as I also need to rebase about 20 or so Riflemen who make up 1st and 2nd platoon of my SFF company.


I'm a bit stumped at the moment. I'm painting one of Artizans British Infantry HMG teams, which is fine but I found this little collection of Artizan Cultists in a cupboard that I had forgotten I had. I think they must have been an impulse buy. I'm thinking about painting them but I can't decide on a colour scheme. In other news once I have a bit of cash together I will be making some more purchases from Artizan and Musketeer Miniatures to finish of my first company of SFF for "A Very British Civil War".

Friday, 9 July 2010

That little Belgian man

Just finished painting this superb model from Artizan Designs. Really enjoyed painting it, I particularly enjoyed doing the hanky and bow tie. Next up a Brit Inf HMG team, bit of contrast I know.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

1:1 scale model

Well in an effort to relive my childhood I have spent the afternoon building a fort with my wife. She however insists on referring to it as "the chicken coop". Anyway a little shot of my work, the outer walls are large pallets dug into the ground supported by large posts sunk into the ground and held in place with postcrete. A very nice little diversion on a sunny afternoon.

Saturday, 3 July 2010


Just finished the next batch of Artizan Brti Infantry for my VBCW force. Obviously there regulars who have joined the SFF on the promise of Cider for all. I still need to base these guys and re-base the other 10 or so infantry I have based. After that I have an Artizan HMG team to paint. Then its onto shopping. I'm thinking some militia figures from Artizan/Empress Miniatures and Musketeer as a start.