Painting Recipes

For a long time I have been writing my painting recipes for various colours/figures on scraps of paper. Given that it would be quite inconvenient if I was to lose said scraps I have decided to list my recipes on here for my own convenience, the recipes may not make much sense to anyone else as they are written in a sort of short hand to remind me what to use.

GW - Games Workshop
VMC - Vallejo Model Colour
VPZ - Vallejo Panzer Aces
AP - Army Painter

Zombie Flesh

GW Tallarn Flesh
GW Orgyn Flesh Wash
Highlight Tallarn Flesh
Further highlights with Tallarn Flesh mixed with GW Rotting Flesh (Keep lightening and highlighting until flesh is sort of greeny coloured)
Apply a very very watery wash of GW Hormagaunt Purple (or similar)
Apply blood and gore last (GW Blood Red)

Dried Blood
VMC Flat Red mixed with Warpaints Matt Black to make a deep red
add water to make more translucent.

Painting White  
VPZ Splinter Camouflage Base
Wash with GW Babab Black (or similar)
use Watered down VPZ Splinter Camouflage Base to go back over leaving black wash visible in creasese
Keep lightening the VPZ Splinter Camouflage Base using white and re-highlight figure.
Keep going until happy with shade of white/grey.

Mackenzie Tartan

VMC Black Green as base colour
Highlight by lightening base colour with white.
Shade with GW Babab Black Wash
VPZ German Tanker (black) for black lines
VMC Prussian Blue for blue box (highlight by lightening with white and shade with Badab Wash)
AP Ash Grey for grey lines (which go through the green boxes) highlight this with white and wash as above.
GW Blood Red for red lines (which go through the blue boxes) highlight this with white and wash as above.

CS95 British Camo - Old Recipe

GW Knarloc Green as base colour
Lighten and highlight this with white and shade with GW Badab Black wash
Apply first squiggly pattern using VMC Khaki (highlight with white and shade with badab black)
Apply second squiggly pattern using GW Scorched Brown (highlight with white and shade as above)
Apply final squiggly pattern mixing GW Scorched Brown with Black (equalish parts) to get a blacker Brown)

DPM Camo/1980 brits - New Recipe

Non-DPM uniform green - VPZ AfrikaKorps Tank Crew, Shade with black ink, highlight as normal
DPM - VPZ AfrikaKorps Tank Crew (as above) - first camo - VMC Khaki
                                                                                second camo - VPZ Leather Belt
                                                                                third camo - VPZ Leather Belt + black

Green Flack vest and bag VMC Russian Uniform WW2
Rifle Furniture - VMC Red Leather
Rifle Metal - VPZ German Tanker (Black)
Gloves and boots - VMC Black then white to make grey highlight.

There is a tutorial for this paint method on the blog.

WW1 Early BEF Uniform (my way probably not historically accurate)

VPZ Canvas as main colour, highlight with white shade with Badab Black
VPZ Afrika Korp Green for webbing highlight with white and shade as above
Putties GW Bleached Bone - wash with badab black, highlight a bit
GW Bestial Brown for rifle furniture

6mm WW2 BEF Infantry

VMC English Uniform (highlight with white as usual)
VMC Khaki for webbing (highlight with white as usual)
VMC Saddle Brown for rifle furniture
VMC Gunmetal Grey (metalic) for metal bits
VPZ Flesh Base for flesh, highlight by lightening using GW Bleached bone

6mm WW2 BEF Vehicles

VPZ Afrika Korp Green for main chassis
VMC Khaki for canvas backs etc
VMC German Yellow for headlights
VMC Prussian Blue for window glass
AP Black for tires.
Shade using badab black wash were required and do highlights by lightening base colour with white.

Scottish Covenanters (the classic grey government army)

Trousers - VMC Dark Seagreen (is actually a dark grey) highlight using white and shade with Badab Black as usual

Shirts - GW Codex Grey highlighted with white and shaded with Badab Black as usual.
Chest shot holders - VMC Saddle Brown
Sword Scabard/shoes and pouches  - VPZ Leather Belt
Chest belts - VMC Khaki
Rifle Furniture - GW Bestial Brown
Bonnet - VMC Prussian Blue
Tartan - Normal MacKenzie Method (as above)

British Infantry Napoleonic's (6mm)

Shirt - GW Blood Red
Rifle Furniture - VMC Saddle Brown
Hat, shoes & ammo box - Warpaints Black
Backpack - VPZ Splinter Blotches II
Hat Badge - VPZ Bronze
Bayonet - VMC Gunmetal grey
Flesh - VMC Flesh base (shade of Orgyn Flesh Wash, Highlight VMC Flesh Base lightened by VMC                Flesh Highlight)
Chest Crosses and hat plume - VMC White
Waterbottle - VMC Prussian Blue

Facing's - As appropriate to regiment (also paint drummers coat in the same colour)
Green - VPZ Splinter Blotches IP
Yellow- VMC German Yellow
Blue - VMC Prussian Blue

Trousers, Backpack roll - Leave as Halfords Grey with the black wash.

1:1 mix of VMC German Camo Bright Green and VMC Prussian Blue. Mix with water until glaze like.

1/2400 British ships

Wash ships in AP Dark Tone ink
AP Ash Grey over all ship structure, leaving dark areas showing as shadows
lighting AP Ash Grey slightly to highlight edges, lips etc
Western Approaches - VPZ Russian Tankcrew 1 for pattern, lighten to highlight
VPZ German Tkr (black) for funnel tops

1/2400 naval bases
VMC Prussian Blue mixed with a little black (3:1 mix or so), paint base with big brush in long smooth strokes. Once dry wash base with black ink, then repaint with above, add white to mix and paint again leaving some of the base colour visible. Use VMC White carefully stippled around base for white caps.

20mm British WW2
Spray - Warpaints English Uniform (undercoat)
Uniform - Black Wash, Ligh overcoat of VMC English Uniform
Webbing/rucksack etc - VMC Khaki, black wash, VMC Khaki highlight
Wood/rifle stock - VMC Flat Brown, black wash, VMC Flat brown highlight
rifle metal/shovel - VMC Gunmetal, black wash
Bedding roll - VMC Russian Uniform
Helmet webbing bits - Khaki and VMC Russian Uniform
Helmet cover - VMC Refractive Green, black wash, VMC Refractive Green highlight

15mm SciFi Troops
Uniform - VPZ Russian Tankrew - Shade with AP Strong Tone (Brown one) Highlight with same.
Armour - VPZ German Tanker (Black), shade with Black ink then highlight
Webbing - VMC Khaki - Shade with black ink then highlight
Gun - VPZ Russian Tankcrew 1 (blue) - shade with black ink
Grips - VMC Flat brown
Boots - Black

African skin tones
Base - VMC Flat Brown - shade with AP Strong Tone
Highlight - VMC Flat Brown
2nd Highlight - VMC Flat brown mixed with white to lighten slightly

Imperial Guard uniform (red/green) scheme
Overcoat (red) - GW Mephiston Red - Shade with GW Agrax Earthshade -  GW Evil Sunz Scarlet, then final highlight of GW Wild Rider Red.
Trousers and gun casing (green) - GW Death Guard Green - GW Agrax Earthshade - Highlight GWElysian Green - final highlight of GW Orgyn Camo

VMC London Grey
Different tone - mix London Grey and German tkr black 333 (To change tone only) 
Rough wash with Athonian Green to tint
When dry drybrush and stipple with big soft brush GW Rakarth Flesh
Wash Agrax Earth into recese for tint dirt etc. 

Sisters of Battle - GrimDark

Main Armour
Undercoat Black
Rinoxhide over armour, leaving black at edges and in deep bits for shadows
Mix Rinoxhide with Mephiston Red and stipple on another layer
Mephiston Red - Stipple on layer
Wild Rider Red - Stipple very small highlights (tiny amount)

Dark Robes (inside)
Rinox Hide base coat over black
Skrag Brown edge highlight around all edges
Skrag Brown 2nd layer stipple along edges
Ushabti Bown stipple along edges
Glaze of Rinox hide let it pool in middle 

Light Brown Robes
Base coat steel legion drab
Wash with Agrax Earth Shade - Or shade in with Dryad Bark? 
Highlight edges with steel legion drab again (or Steel Legion Drab mixed with Baneblade brown at 50/50 mix) 
Highlight with pure baneblade brown
Stipple shade in reces with Dryad bark
Return to baneblade brown highlights, lighten with iraqi sand for final highlight stipple
Dryad bark mixed with black to make some small marks/wear at low point on cloth (rakar flesh below for 3d effect, like scratches)

Retributor Gold base
shade agrax earth shade
shade with seriphone shade
Liberator Gold
Iron hands steel for final highlihght

Juan Hidalgo Miniatures flesh tutorial on youtube (use that mix)

Blonde Hair
Juan Hidalgo Miniatures blonde recipe 

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