Saturday 17 September 2016

A walk in the country

The Winter of 79 wargaming concept has recently caught my eye. Like VBCW the Winter of 79 is based around the strife and unrest that persisted around the late 70's and 80s in the UK, but it diverts from history to an alternative where an army council has taken over control of the government and various factions have formed. It has a more "serious" focus than VBCW but the opportunity to create some semi-realistic what if units was to much to pass up. 

I've had some argies from the Gripping Beast mofo range rattling around my unpainted lead box for quite some time (possibly 4 years now I think about it) and as visually there is little difference between them and British infantry of the same period decided they would do as an interim measure. 

I've painted these four up in a uniform similar to that warn by troops in Northern Ireland in the late 70s. The argies padded jackets have been painted green to pass for flack vests, with DPM shirts and green trousers. I went for a slightly "comic" kind of simple look on the SLR's overall pretty happy with the results. The DPM isn't quite where I wanted it to be, in particular I think the 3rd dark shade in the pattern (the smallest black marks) need to be smaller. 

I've some bits on order with Gripping Beast, and the Ferret at Sloppy Jalopy has also caught my eye so more will likley follow. Come to think of if it I also have an airfix landy kit somewhere in 1:48 that will also be of use. 

Thanks for looking any comments on the DPM would be appreciated.

Monday 5 September 2016

Sci-fi nonsense

Its been a busy work month so I haven't had much time for painting, also i'm currently waiting on some orders to appear for some cold war and modern conflict 6mm projects. In the interim I decided to make a start on my imagination scifi project as I really wanted to get something painted. 

Despite having not painted anything Games Workshop based in a very long time now I still obsessively read the books and fluff, there is just something about the universe I really like. So I thought why not make up my own army and create it in 6mm (far more affordable). 

-----40K Fluff------

 The Imperial Settlement on Natalian II is a rural farming planet at the very edge of Segmentum Pacificus situated close to the inward edge of the Sabbat Sector. 

A rural world, the planets main exports are food and man power for the Adeptus Militarium. The planet has long been a low priority for equipment and arms. As a result the PDF is poorly armed with late model laslocks and little in the way of modern vehicles.

The majority of the PDF is truck borne, with some limited units benefiting from lightly armoured halftracks. 

The original founding settlers were led by an imperial family by the name of Castius hailing from the Mordian home world. The current head of the family is the lady Natalian (a popular name on the planet) Castius who is the Governor of the planet.

The Planet sits in a system comprising of 4 planets 2 of which are little more than dead rocks sporting Adeptus Mechanicus mining operations. The remaining planet consist of 1 gas giant with an orbital refinery. 

The system has limited defence fleets, and no standing garrison. Despite being under resourced the PDF sport colours reminiscent of the Mordian Iron Guard, though that is likely where the similarities end. 

The planet has an Arbitus overseer but other than that the policing actions on the planet are all locally sourced.  

----- Fluff ends----

So I painted up 6 stands of infantry, the figures are from the Baccus WW1 range mainly as I had them lying around. I'm quite happy with how my fictional little army turned out. I'm thinking as the PDF are under strength 3 stands is a Company (1 stand is a platoon), so 6 represents a half strength Battalion with no HQ, transport or support equipment. 

I have some command units undercoated and intend to add some vehicles in due course, I just need to find some suitably 40k type vehicles.