Thursday, 18 October 2012


I've been maxed out with work and other life dullness lately so haven't done much painting. I did however manage to paint up these four French Goumier's from Artizan Designs. Really nice figures and they made a real change from all the Khaki I seem to paint.

The Goumiers wear these big cloaks which have really colorful markings which differ depending on what tribe the soldier is from (if I understand the history correctly). I thought they would make a nice change and were a real challenge to paint what with all those stripes. I've got more of these from the Artizan range to paint and am rather looking forwards to it.

In other news, the observant (ie not blind) among you will have noticed I changed the blog to a lighter colour,   I was finding the all black rather difficult to read, which says something about my eyes!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The dead rise

I've been a bit tardy painting wise of late. Lots going on life wise, but I found myself essentially putting of painting as the WW2 US Airborne on my painting table were sort of putting me off painting. What I mean is I just didn't fancy painting them, but couldn't admit it to myself so was giving myself excuses to not paint. I broke and returned the US Airborne to the lead pile, who knows perhaps I'll paint them in the future.

Now I have never painted any zombies or similar previously, but I have really liked the idea of painting up a zombie horde. This is one of Studio Miniatures WW2 German zombies. He's the tester as he's the first of my living dead horde and I wasn't sure if I would enjoy painting him or actually make a good job of it.

Personally I'm jazzed with the final result. I like how the skin etc turned out and actually really enjoyed painting the figure, one of the most relaxing painting sessions I have had in ages. I think the "dirty" look of zombies makes it more relaxing as you worry less about fine detail.

Once I've gotten some cash past the pay master general I think I might just pick up some packs from Studio Miniatures of the Zombies and more "normal" civilian zombies. Then some Survivors.