Monday 29 August 2011

More Para's and a small cottage

As it was a bank holiday today I didn't have to do anything, so I cracked on and painted up another four of my polish paras. Again these are from Warlord and are quite nice little models. Just another two and I will have a full 10 man squad.

This was something I built a few months ago and never got around to finishing. The wall coverings are stone texture from Scale Scenes and the rest is painted by me. Not hugely polished but as usual it looks the part, and fills up the table.

Sunday 28 August 2011

Polish Paras

Just finished my first four polish para's for a little project. The figures are from Warlord and are quite nice, they are however a little on the small side for 28mm, still look nice enough.

Tuesday 23 August 2011

A Little House

I have spent the last couple of evenings working on this (off and on). Its scratch built by me with textures and some other bits and bobs from ScaleScenes, who produce a great range of high quality stone/wall textures etc for a really low price.

Now I know the above is far from as good as some of the amazing scratch built pieces that some people are producing. However I hate building scenery, I just can't be bothered doing it. When ever I try and build something I generally get bored half way through and just go and paint some models instead. So for me finishing this is a triumph in itself.

School boy error by me is that the roof does not overlap the side walls properly (which I some how didn't notice until it was waaaay to late. As this was really the test piece to see if the textures looked right I am not to bothered.

I'm going to try and use more of the Scale Scenes textures in the future as I really like the result, and while this does not look amazing up close, from two feet away when it's on the gaming table it does the job just fine as far as I am concerned.

Monday 22 August 2011

A couple of ruperts

An evenings painting, a couple of officers from Renegade, again quite nice poses and I think they came out okay. In other news I have been messing around with some more textures from Scalescenes and hope to post up some pictures of some buildings in the next couple of days.

Sunday 21 August 2011

Fire Mission

I have spent the last two evenings paint up these top figures as a break from my WW1 fest. They are from Hasslefrees Grymm (space dwarf) range. The sculpting is amazing and the casting is flawless, easily the cleanest and most flash free figures I have ever painted.

I really love these two figures and have decided they go together as a fire control team. Fluff wise I'm thinking these two deploy down from orbit and provide fire support to ground troops by calling in precise orbital fire from capital ships.

I went with a light blue and white colour scheme which I think works really well. Overall these are great figures and a joy to paint. I will be getting more of these in the future and will be buying some other bits from Hasslefree as well given how amazing the sculpting and casting is.

Friday 19 August 2011

Wounded Raider

I was sitting at my desk and this figure from Artizan (I think) was lying undercoated under some bits and pieces. A couple of hours work, and I like the results.

I'm particularly pleased with the detail on the bandage and the tone of the red under shirt. I don't really collect medieval stuff (or earlier) but I could be persuaded to add to my small force of 4 vikings.

Fix bayonets

Completed another four of my Tommies. I have lots more renegade figures to paint but I think I might take a short break from painting canvas and paint up something else over the weekend.

Wednesday 17 August 2011


I was in Hobbycraft with the wife today browsing around and found this. Now I usually get tubes of PVA glue about this size if not bigger from the craft section or from Homebase and it costs me £1.50 to £2 at most.  I could not believe that Gamesworkshop are so greedy to try and charge people £5.10 for PVA glue. Now maybe I'm wrong and this version of PVA has flecks of solid gold in it, but I doubt it. I hope no one has been daft enough to buy this.

In other news I have been building a small house using some textures and bits from Scalescenes. Its worked out pretty well given that I didn't work on it to hard as it was a test. Once its done I will pop some pictures up.

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Some Light Support

Painted up another four from Renegade. Some rather nice Lewis Gunners with loaders, as some one said these figures have really quite expressive faces. The only problem is on one or two of the figures there are some pretty serious mold lines which unfortunately trace through the faces. Still really quite nice figures especially given how cheap they are.

Sunday 14 August 2011

Four more Tommies

I spent this afternoon painting up another four Tommies from my Renegade Miniatures lead pile. Again these very cheap miniatures are really quite nice and I like the results. Some Lewis Gunners next I think.

Saturday 13 August 2011

Late WW1 Tommies

On Friday I got home to find a delivery from renegade miniatures which I had been waiting on. I had ordered a block of late WW1 tommies to bulk out my existing force. I picked Renegade because I like the look of the figures and they were dam cheap. I've painted up the first four, and lots more to go. 

The figures themselves are a bit chunkier than my existing early WW1 musketeer figures. Equally the casting is not quite as sharp. That said the figures are quite nice and have a reasonable amount of detail, certainly I'm happy with them particularly given the low price. I was able to order a 24 man "platoon deal", which included 3 Lewis gunners, two officers, and a Vickers machine gun team, all that cost me just under £18. 

I decided to order late ww1 tommies because I thought I could probably get away with using them in early WW2. 

Thursday 11 August 2011

Another Section

I spent the last couple of evenings painting up another four of the lovely Empress Modern British infantry. My favorite figure in this group is the dude wielding the shotgun, the pose looks just right, I think he would make a good survivor figure in a post apoc game as well.

In other news my wife left the below message on a shelf in our bathroom between the deodorant bottles. Made me laugh, so I thought I would share it.

Sunday 7 August 2011

Modern British Infantry

Got a nice delivery in the post yesterday of some Empress Modern Brit infantry. Really nice models, I spent yesterday and this morning painting up the first four. I decided to paint them up in standard green DPM as my view is that you can (at a push) get away with fielding troops in greens in a desert game, but troops in deserts look a bit odder in a European based game.

Got some more of these to paint up and I really would recommend them to people.

Friday 5 August 2011

Full Body Armour

Just spent the evening painting up this figure, the second of the two hazard suits sculpted by Soapy which I bought from Gripping Beast a couple of weeks back. I went for a military ish colour scheme. Dont know what I will use this for but it was enjoyable to paint. In other news my order from Empress miniatures came, I will shortly be painting up some of there rather nice British infantry figures.