Tuesday 21 January 2014

Vertically Challenged Napoleonic's

Just finished another two units of 6mm British Napolionics. One regiment with blue facings and another with yellow facings. I've now got four of these and am going to order more after my Birthday in February.

I'm seriously pleased with 6mm as I have said before and love how the stands look all lined up!

In other news my Stargate figures came so I can start that project which is in the traditional 28mm.

Sunday 12 January 2014

Tiny Napoleonics

 Well its a new year, so a new project. Having been well and truly inspired by The Blog With No Name I decided to take the plunge and start collecting 6mm Napoleonics. I've tried in the past to collect Naps in 28mm but there just so fiddly and time consuming to paint in that scale that I never could get the project off the ground. However in 6mm these have been a joy to paint and I'm really satisfied with the results.

The two stands I have completed are British Infantry with blue facings, the flags and figures (and basing medium as it happens) are from Baccus and I was very impressed with the detail and quality of all the products. I've been musing of late and believe that 6mm may well be the scale for me. I've collected 28mm for years but honestly I find them increasingly tiresome to paint, and much prefer how the 6mm figures look grouped up.

I can see many projects that I would never have attempted in 28mm being easily conceivable in 6mm. So I look forward to continuing with these napoleonics, finishing my WW2 6mm Division and then starting on an ACW project.

I have one ongoing 28mm project, which may well be my last that will appear at some point.