Friday, 18 January 2013

Leicester Hospital Build Progress

Just a quick post to update the progress on my construction of Leicester General Hospital. I still need to make the roofs (obviously) and then its on to covering and preparing the buildings. I will then need to build the two small wings that sit either side of this building (as I said before in reality there are more wings but it would occupy to much table space).

I have made all the sections modular,  this is so that I can use them for other things and also it means that if on the day it turns out the building takes up to much space it can be reconfigured to fit better.

The observant will notice the main front building is taller than the others, it is in reality and has a different roof construction so its not a gross error on my part, although there are probably other gross errors in their somewhere! :)


  1. Looking very good. I will be following this with interest.

  2. I applaud your vision and fortitude for this project, Sir.

  3. Thats coming along nicely Mr Smillie but where is my wife coming out on the doors, lol.

  4. Thanks Chaps,

    @Pete, She's going to be coming out a roof hatch mate :)

  5. Thanks Simon. I've gotten quite a bit done on the roofs today. Going to finish them off tomorrow (the construction that is)and start attaching chimmneys and other bits.