Sunday, 27 January 2013

A second Blog

The observant among you will have noticed the appearance of a second page tab at the top of the Home page marked as Insurance and Claims Information. No I've not setup my own Insurance company, but I have started a second blog about Insurance (Yawn I know I am quite dull).

Those of you that don't know I work in the Insurance industry dealing with claims at a fairly senior level. As a result of this when two of my wife's friends were recently burgled and struggled with the Insurance claims process I gave them a hand by explaining what to expect, and why, and what they needed to get in order to make the claim as simple and fast as possible.

I'm often faced with Policyholders who don't really understand their policies, what the terms and wording means or the claims process.

So I thought I would do a Blog with as much information as I can about Claims and Insurance generally. I'm going to update it over time with loads of Insurance and Claims related stuff as a bit of a pet project, and hopefully someone will find the information useful. If nothing else it should be a good way for me to keep things fresh work wise.

A swift disclaimer, none of the information on the Blog will constitute legal advice and it will solely comprise of information which is already in the public domain. I will not put any information on the Blog which is drawn from confidential or privileged information which I have as a result of my position in the industry or with Insurers.

Anyway its a bit barren at the moment but hopefully in the next days and weeks I will populate it with more stuff and make it searchable and someone will find it useful. The first post is about what to expect when you make a Domestic Household claim and is quite long.

As an aside if anyone has any general questions or a topic they want to here me drone on about let me know via comments or email


  1. While I hope not to trouble on this matter, I can't express how relieved I am to know that there is someone I can ask informally if the need every arises - thank you!

  2. No problem Michael, I'm always happy to help and share any useful info I can.