Saturday, 4 June 2011

Tutorial for CS95

At the request of a chap over on GWP I have prepared a short tutorial for how I painted CS95 trousers on an empress modern.

1. Undercoated the model as normal in my undercoat of choice, Halfords Grey Primer

2. Main colour blocked in with GW Knarloc Green, in reality CS95 is a bit darker than this but I am happy with the colour.

3. Main colour is highlighted up using a lighter shade of Knarloc Green, then add shadows using GW Badab Black Ink.

Thats the main bits (ie simple bits) out the way. Now I am lucky enough ( depending on your point of view) to have a pair of CS95's to refer too. If you google pictures of the pattern you will see that the main green has blocks of yellow, and then dark brown colour strips followed by black linking the three. The pictures are the best way I have of describing how to paint the 3 colours. However general advice is that the lines are never straight, and that the yellow should be thin, the brown should be thicker and the black lines should pass through all the other colours.

4. Yellow stripes are added these are not very thick and should not be straight also try not to repeat the shape of a line to much, and try and change there orientation on the trousers, ie not just up and down paint left to right, at an angle etc as well.

5. The brown is then added, this should cover over sections of the yellow, the lines should be thicker and almost blotchy in some places, again try and keep the pattern random, and vary the position, direction of the line.

6. Up until this point the pattern all looks a bit cack. However now add the black lines, which should be quite thin and pass through all three colours, ie each line should transcend a green, yellow and brown section. check out pictures of CS95 to make this clearer. Obviously there will be occasions where it will not be possible for the black to cross all the colours, just do your best.

And that is basically it, I think this method produces a good looking camouflage pattern which is a good representation of CS95. Hope that is of help to some people. The above model, but completed is below.

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