Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Final Empress Modern

I have this evening finished the last of my empress moderns. Sorry for posting a group shot again, but I wanted to use this image some where else as well and it was easy to host it hear. The latest, and last, model I have painted is the dude with the radio 1st on the top left row. I liked how he turned out although the DPM didn't come out quite how I wanted it too. But that's probably just me being a bit picky.

Anyways that's the last of my Empress Moderns, they have been great to paint, I've learnt a new skill, in that I can now paint good looking (in my opinion) camo and the models are nice. Once I have some more cash (so probably not anytime soon) I might get some more of the empress modern British infantry as they look rather nice.


  1. Nice seeing these moderns, as it touches on a long term project I have in mind, so expect me to revist your posts on these many times! Thanks for posting. :)

  2. Cheers mate. In the far future I'm hoping to get some more Modern models.