Sunday, 5 June 2011

Modern Warfare

For the last couple of days I have been painting up the eight Empress SAS models that I purchased a while back but never got around to painting before.  I have now painted all but one of the models, the only remaining model is a chap with a radio who I have not undercoated yet. However I have today finished off the above three figures.

I painted bits of all three of them in CS95 and tried to use similar colour themes on each model so that they look good together without looking to much like regular infantry. I am pleased with today's results, in particular the eyes on two of the above models which in my opinion are my best eyes to date!

Below there is a group shot of my progress thus far painting up these lovely empress figures. A couple of the models were painted some months ago in a slightly different scheme but I still think they look okay with the group. Once I have undercoated and painted the remaining figure I think I might have to invest in some of the new British Infantry figures which Empress are putting out, I will also have to get some baddies at some point.

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