Monday, 27 June 2011

Tiny but fierce

I've spent the last two days, or so, painting up these two tiny figures from different manufacturers. The tiny adventurer with the torch is from Heresy Miniatures and is their Van Helsing model. I should have put another 28mm figure in the picture to demonstrate just how little this hafling is!

The Van Helsing model was great fun to paint and I really like how the whole model turned out. I have not ordered from Heresy before and found their figures to be excellent and there delivery times amazing. I ordered the Van Helsing figure from them on a Thursday afternoon and it was with me by Friday Morning! They have some other great hafling models which I will definitely be getting to go with Van Helsing, as well as a great range of fantasy and scifi figures. A firm recommendation from me.

The second figure is a gnome (I think) ninja which came with a ogre figure I got ages and ages ago from GW. I painted the Ogre and never painted up the ninja. The base is meant to look like a big puddle, so it answers the question how do Ninja's jump in puddles? answer they don't they leap gracefully over them. Anyway nice little figure, and a silly distraction.