Saturday, 17 May 2014

Spot the difference

I am aware that today's post looks remarkably similar to the previous one, but that's because I've painted basically the same base of figures with the same flag and facings again. I've completed 6 stands in total now which i'm pretty pleased about.

Working on a seventh at the moment which will have green facings then I have some 6mm Highlanders to do.

I'm still oddly uninterested in painting anything 28mm at the moment (it just seems like to much hassle) who knows that might pass at some point.


  1. Very nice work with these little chaps.

  2. Those look really nice, the basing really sets off the sharp painting.

  3. Very nice Smillie I think they are the 44th aren't they?

    1. Sharp eyes sir, they are potentially the 44th, though I've not put regiment specific flags on just the right ones for facings etc.