Friday, 23 May 2014

A tale of two Battalions

 I've spent the last couple of days working on more of my 6mm version of the 51st Highland Division. Just finished most of one Battalion which will be the 4th Battalion, The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders. Which means the 152nd Infantry Brigade is now completed, only another two infantry Brigades to do and I'll have all three of the Divisions infantry element.

Handily I've also finished most of the 4th Battalion The Black Watch which is the first of the 153rd Infantry Brigades three Battalions. To finish it I need to complete the Carrier Company and the 6 stands of truck transport which represent the motor pool.

I also still need to do the Battalion Headquarters stands for the Battalions I've completed to date and then a Brigade Headquarters stand for those as well. I want to do these on bigger 60mm x 60mm bases and make them into little dioramas. Still not sure what i'll do with these yet.

For the moment I've run out of my 6mm WW2 bits  so time for a bit of a topping up me thinks of the lead pile! In other news I've just ordered some of Studio Miniatures Zombies from North Star as they are having an amazing sale which is around 50% off the usual price.


  1. Superb. The larger HQ/weapon bases look really good.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Phil I'm pleased with the results.

  3. Amazing work there Mr Smillie and 50% off Studio Minis Zombies, guess the next move

    1. Cheers PK, Sadly its not all their range but a couple of the sets were very cheap.