Friday, 30 May 2014

Heavily armed centre forwards

So i've spent the last few days working on the other half of my latest vbcw squad. Finished the last five this morning, I'm pretty happy with the results though had a bit of a cock up with the black wash I use as shading. I used it "too close" to the bottom of the pot and it must have been really concentrated or something because some of the shadows dried kind of shiny. Still its not to noticeable and you live and learn.

The full team, my first squad in the colours of Southend Football club. 

I've got my three officials, and the team captain on the painting table, just need to come up with a flag carrier for the command squad. My intention is to come up with a second squad (possibly in away colours) and then a third made up of supporters, with an HMG made up of grounds staff or something.

In other news my zombies from Studio Miniatures came, they look great but as I don't usually use the big slota bases designed for those recessed resin basis I'm not quite sure how to base them.

Also ordered more for my 6mm version of the 51st Highland Division, should get enough to complete another two Battalions so I'll have two of the three Brigades completed.


  1. Great work there Mr Smillie and I do like the character of this unit. Now we need to Monsewer Crapard and myself to do our local Essex teams too and then we could have an different take on VBCW

    1. Cheers mate, I'm already thinking about a game with a football stadium as its centre piece!

  2. Excellent work, beautiful blue work.

  3. Supporters with a HMG, now that's worrying :-)

    Great work on these guys


  4. Just gets better and better.