Monday, 5 May 2014

Spot of modelling

So after 2 months of living in a hotel in Romford for work I'm back home again for a few days (possibly longer, depends what work has for me next). I've made a start on my Salute loot namely some perry's Desert Rats which I'm going to paint up for VBCW, but that's for a future post.

What I'm working on now is Petite Properties small cottage, pictured above. Its an MDF carcass building with a great set of instructions on how to tart it up. I'll blog my progress with the kit, all I've done at the moment is prepare the inside floor of the cottage, using air dry clay.

 Simply enough I covered the base in clay then scribe'd a flag stone pattern out on it. Having left it to dry for 24 hours i then sponged on a suitable stone colour which is shown below. I'm undecided as to whether I'll clay clad the exterior walls and scribe on a brick pattern or do something different.


  1. Glad to hear that you're home safe, but I hand't realised that you were at Salute - it would have been great to have met up. This looks very interesting - I've not heard of them before; how do they scale up next to a 28mm miniature.

    1. Thanks Michael, Yes I missed the bloggers meet by a handful of minutes as I was gasing to a friend and didn't notice the time, I was disappointed to not have put more faces to names (or should that be blogs)

      Frankly the buildings scale up perfectly, I've just put together the outside of the building, should have some pics tomorrow with figures for comparison.

  2. Chap I am glad you are home safe and well and back with your wife. I too have purchased some bits and pieces from them, namely a Hen House, a Potting Shed, a cold frame, a Lych Gate and some gravestones. I am truly amazed but the quality of the kit and also the instructions too. I am looking forward to see this as it goes along.