Sunday, 14 April 2013

Zombie Cop

Another Studio Miniatures plastic effort that I have been working on today, this is from their plastic sprue set that I mentioned yesterday. The body is the office worker shirt and tie one which I thought was ripe for conversion into a County Sheriff's uniform.

I sculpted on a hip holster (which I think turned out okay, although I should have made the pistol grip a bit bigger. and I sculpted on a radio, and handset. I know these radio's would usually be worn on the hip rather than back (for obvious reasons) but the un tucked bit of the shirt covers the belt on one side so I thought small of the back would be fine.

I used picture hanging cable for the wire going over the shoulder.

All in all it turned out pretty much just how I wanted it to, and if anything really shows how useful these studio miniatures plastics are. I've also spent this afternoon sculpting Body Armour onto another of the zombie bodies, hopefully I will get that undercoated and possibly painted tomorrow depending on how busy with work I am.


  1. That's it, now on the wish list, just far too useful to resist.

  2. Thanks guys,this was one of those conversion ideas that turned out just how I wanted it to.

    I'm pleased to see I've convinced you Michael, they are really useful and you can buy them buy the sprue for £2.50 so its not even like you have to shell out £30 for loads or anything.

  3. Nice conversions, Mr. Smillie. That'll teach a cop to try and arrest a Zed.

  4. Thanks Jay, of course it now means I need a suitable car for any games he is in!