Monday, 15 April 2013

Pin Stripe Chap

Just finished painting this figure as part of a small vignette for a friendly competition we are running over on the Very British Civil Forum. I'm quite pleased with the result of the pin stripe, although typically my pictures don't seem to do my paint job justice.

The figure is from Artizan and would usually have an umbrella in his hand, but I have cut it away so I can use him as a player in a popular (sort of) British game.

Picture of the mocked up Vigenette below,

The croque stick on the ground will be in the hand of the figure I have just painted. More about this on the Very British Civil Forum if you are interested.


  1. Nice job on the stripes! The vignette start looks intriguing.

  2. Nice job Department of ungentlemenly warfare is it :D
    Superb job on the striped suit dude!

  3. Thanks guys, the striped suit was really knackering to paint! I'm pleased with how it turned out though.

  4. Cracking job Mr Smillie; croquet playing bankers sounds perfectly VBCW.