Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Craft time with the wife

So my sister is at uni studying for her PHD and she is going away at the weekend with some other students and some Masters students for a sort of drinking, learn what a PHD is like thing which is aimed at welcoming the Masters students. Her and the other girl who organised it needed an ice breaker game/drinking game thing.

So about 7 hours ago my my sister sweetly emailed my wife asking if she could, and I kid you not, create the art and physically build a board game for her. Well the wife is never one to pass up a challenge so armed with the student related stuff my sister wanted on the board (Monopoly style) she cracked on in Illustrator.

6 Hours later she had prepared the art for the board, and the Mystery Card things my sister wanted. 1 hour after that I had stuck the whole thing onto Foam Board for her and helped her cut up the Mystery cards.

Obviously I am biased but I am really quite impressed that the wife managed to create all of the art ,from scratch,  for this board game thing of my sisters in only 7 hours (it had to be done tonight for her to take tomorrow)

My sister is an English Literature student hence "Hemingway's"

Given the time scale I think the standard of finish is really high!

More pics below