Monday, 4 March 2013

Super Bean

Sorry to continue to bombard your reading lists with the wife's work but she created the above digital art yesterday evening (just because she was bored) and I thinks its really funny. I'm now trying to convince her to get it printed on some T-Shirts so I can wear it!

Just a little glimpse into my wife and I's slightly odd marriage.

Back to usual war gaming programming next as I have just about finished a small project.


  1. She is damned clever with that computer thingy, well done Mrs Smillie.

  2. A good relationship it sounds like!

  3. Excellent poster!
    I look forward to seeing the small project finished too.

  4. Thanks all, yes she is rather clever with digital stuff. She makes it look very easy.

  5. That is amazing Mr Smillie and Mrs Smillie has got great skills with photoshop thats for sure. Also I think that would look great on a T-Shirt