Monday, 25 March 2013


Just a quick little blog post, I didn't like the fact that it would just be grass in the middle behind my Leicester Hospital build, so I knocked up this base board as an inner courtyard. Its not perfect (like an idiot I cut the board slightly squint and didn't notice until I was virtually finished) but still does the job. Could really do with some benches or a war memorial in the middle though :)

The other thing I finally got around to cutting is this as yet unpainted base board which is mocked up in front of the buildings here (just testing the fit)

Again I didn't want to go straight from the building to grass so I made this. It will be mostly grass to blend in reasonably with the green of the table, but there will be a path and some flowerbeds or something to make it look more like the front of a building. Again modular so I can opt not to use it if space, or taste requires it!


  1. The courtyard, Sir, is the icing on your prize winning cake!!

  2. nice finishing touch to it mate.

  3. Thanks guys, I thought it would add a nice touch!