Thursday, 28 March 2013

Making Hedges

Those of you that follow my good friend Mr Barfields blog, here Panzerkaput, will be aware that he has been building some rather nice hedges to be used in our Partizan game this year. If you have not seen his hedges already I really suggest you clink the link above and check them out as they are bloody lovely and a standard to aspire to.

Inspired by Pete and having found an old copy the Games Workshop "Making Wargames Terrain" book, from 1996 no less, I decided to have a go at making my own old school hedges. As a quick diversion I was really quite pleased to find the old GW book as it was a compilation of the hobby articles which had appeared in GW whilst I was growing up. Ah the good old days when GW still had some hobby in its soul.

Anyway I digress.....

I built my hedges based on the old scouring pad, PVA Glue plus flock method. They are not as nice as Pete's but I'm rather chuffed with them. They took a few hours across a couple of afternoons to make (5 Feet so far) and the longest bit was waiting for the PVA saturated scouring pad to dry so I could add more flock. The other bonus, for me anyway, was that the only things I had to buy was the scouring pads for a quid, so they were virtually free as I already had the flock and stuff.

I based the hedges on the over sized lollypop sticks you get for kids craft projects and they have warped at bit, but not so much it matters.

Some more pictures below of the hedges, with an old battered figure for scale. I'm going to make some more of these today as I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed making them!

Oh and the other long, rather tedious task I will do in the next couple of days is label all my posts. 


  1. You've done some good work there Smillie.

  2. Thanks guys, I'm pleased with the result and best of all it didn't take long or much effort! :)

  3. Very very nice, Smillie. I desperately need to take the time and to make some just like these.

  4. Thanks Jay, they were really quick and simple. Just a couple of evenings work, with a lot of lag time between applying coats. Making it easy to do between other projects, or whilst watching TV.

  5. Now there is a blast of the past the GW book on how to make terrain, are the Good Old Days. But really Mr Smillie those hedges are great and look very effective and quick and easy to do, especially as mine take a day and a age to do.

  6. Thanks Pete, my Hedges are most certainly the lazy buggers method. Where as your's are much sharper and a more complete finish.