Saturday, 3 September 2011

Shop Fronts

I have just managed to finish off this building. Again the walls are covered in Scalescenes great printable textures (light stone, on this occasion) This is a reasonable copy of a couple of shop fronts that are in my village. I wanted to make the front and the back detatcheable so that I could use the back with other things that I might make in the future (a warehouse front or at a push a goods in yard at a train station).

The Pharmacy and Post office signs were made for me in photoshop by my good lady wife and I think they look really good. To the rear I have built a small separately based stand of crates and a chemical drum. These turned out really well I think, the crates were scratch built from balsa wood and the drum is a copper pipe fitting I had in the cupboard. Again in Photoshop my wife created the "shipping stickers" that are on the crates and drum, these look really good I think, and printed out nicely.

All in all I am really pleased with how this turned out and as with the other buildings I hope to make more in the future using scalescenes great printable textures.


  1. Very nice...I´ve just had a look at the Scalescenes site...lovely stuff there..very effective. If you already aren´t you should get yourself on thier gallery..

  2. Cheers mate, I was thinking of sending them some pictures of this build. There stuff is aimed at Railways but for me, and I rekon other wargamers, is a god send. Made building stuff so easy because I can't paint brick work at all.

  3. That stuff is looking very effective. Really nice. Can't paint brick work either so I'll have a look at the site..

  4. Cheers, I really recommend it, they work really well and don't take long to apply.