Friday 23 September 2011

Delivery Truck

I finished a business meeting early today and had some time this evening to paint this up. Its a Lledo diecast (it was originally marked up as an Able delivery lorry I believe) which I have undercoated and repainted to my own design. As some of you may note the van now bares the same name as the small shop I made earlier in the month.

Basically I've painted this up as a delivery van for the pharmacy. I have hand painted the red crosses on the front and back, hence they look a bit ropy. However generally speaking I'm pleased with the results, the sign on the sides was knocked up in Photoshop and glued on.


  1. More top quality work Sir, where are you picking the models up from, is it the dreaded flea bay?

  2. Cheers mate, no I bought these of Paul Hicks a while back, although they are on Fleabay for minimal amount as well.