Thursday, 8 September 2011

Johnny Foreigner

Just finished painting up the first of my turks, I picked up these quality figures from Gripping Beast when I was at Partizan. I got a pack of 10 infantry figures and 4 officers in Fez hats. I got them with the Fez just for the sheer hell of it, and I like the splash of colour it adds to the figures.

I'm thinking that I might try and work them into VBCW as the personal guard of some Turkish lord who was England when the civil war kicked off. They could also be of use in Back of Beyond and WW1 games, and I guess possibly even some WW2 games.

In any event these figures are really nice, and I'm enjoying painting them.


  1. They look great Mr Smillie. Maybe its someone who owns a chain of Turkish Baths who founded them, or they are workers from a chain of Turkish Baths.

  2. Cheers captain, Nice idea pete, any excuse to get these lovely figures on the table!

  3. They do look great perhaps they are restaurant workers armed with kebab skewers and long sharp knives. A unit that perhaps looks a little too longingly every time they pass a cavalry unit.

  4. Now there's an idea for a diorama!