Friday, 19 August 2011

Wounded Raider

I was sitting at my desk and this figure from Artizan (I think) was lying undercoated under some bits and pieces. A couple of hours work, and I like the results.

I'm particularly pleased with the detail on the bandage and the tone of the red under shirt. I don't really collect medieval stuff (or earlier) but I could be persuaded to add to my small force of 4 vikings.


  1. Now that is different from the khaki clad boys! That said damn fine for Sir. Like you not an area I was planning to work with but I've got to say looking at this quality chap I could be tempted!

  2. Thanks, yea there is something quite nice about the era, I also like the simplicity of the paint jobs.

  3. Thats great Mr Smillie, great paintjob and you have got the character down to a tea. What out you be starting a force for Saga next, lol.