Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Some Light Support

Painted up another four from Renegade. Some rather nice Lewis Gunners with loaders, as some one said these figures have really quite expressive faces. The only problem is on one or two of the figures there are some pretty serious mold lines which unfortunately trace through the faces. Still really quite nice figures especially given how cheap they are.


  1. These are some seriously good looking Brits, would be perfect for any Lovecraftian wargaming like Strange Aeons with a government raid on some inbred village. Been eying Renegade for a while, your painting of these are really top notch!

  2. Many thanks, my thinking on getting these was they would be good for different things. There a bit chunkier than some other makes but really good value, I picked up a 24 man platoon including HMG and two officers, and an 18pdr with 5 man crew for about £28.