Saturday, 13 August 2011

Late WW1 Tommies

On Friday I got home to find a delivery from renegade miniatures which I had been waiting on. I had ordered a block of late WW1 tommies to bulk out my existing force. I picked Renegade because I like the look of the figures and they were dam cheap. I've painted up the first four, and lots more to go. 

The figures themselves are a bit chunkier than my existing early WW1 musketeer figures. Equally the casting is not quite as sharp. That said the figures are quite nice and have a reasonable amount of detail, certainly I'm happy with them particularly given the low price. I was able to order a 24 man "platoon deal", which included 3 Lewis gunners, two officers, and a Vickers machine gun team, all that cost me just under £18. 

I decided to order late ww1 tommies because I thought I could probably get away with using them in early WW2. 

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