Wednesday, 17 August 2011


I was in Hobbycraft with the wife today browsing around and found this. Now I usually get tubes of PVA glue about this size if not bigger from the craft section or from Homebase and it costs me £1.50 to £2 at most.  I could not believe that Gamesworkshop are so greedy to try and charge people £5.10 for PVA glue. Now maybe I'm wrong and this version of PVA has flecks of solid gold in it, but I doubt it. I hope no one has been daft enough to buy this.

In other news I have been building a small house using some textures and bits from Scalescenes. Its worked out pretty well given that I didn't work on it to hard as it was a test. Once its done I will pop some pictures up.


  1. Finally...blogger has deemed fit that I can follow!!! :-D
    GW...I can sum up in 2 words..Rip Off.
    Woodglue for 5 times the price(I bought some industrial packaged woodglue...30 euros, about 25 quid(?) for 20 litres...I can´t imagine what that would cost at GW prices!!!!
    Small tubs of basing sand (that can be got for 20 quid the tonne) for a fiver, AP that is basically creosote repackaged, washes and inks I can make myself.....the reason??
    People like brand trainers cost a couple of euros...are as good as the ones with stripes and a brand name but they cost 200euros and are "IN"
    They also think they can paint better with brand name paints (which are ALL made by the same two companies who also make lead pencils and childrens poster paints) and brand name brushes....sorry...Rant over :-D
    You also at lead adventure...:-D
    PS;, how the heck did you get the photographic evidence past the red shirts!!!?

  2. Welcome aboard, rant welcomed and agreed with, I consider the blog my personal soap box, but do feel free to borrow it from time to time. I believe the red shirts were to busy trying to force my wife into the hobby to notice me photographing over priced tat with my phone!

  3. :-D
    I´ve just let fly over at GWP as well...I don´t se how people can get so mugged off by what basically is repackaged "normal stuff"

  4. I experienced the same confused disgust when I was about to buy a bottle of PVA glue 120ml or something and it cost 120SEK (roughly £10!) in my local hobby store. I went to a construction store and picked up a bottle containing 750ml for the same price....

  5. Good lord, and I thought a fiver was bad.