Monday 11 July 2011

Not your normal suit

I picked up two of this great figure from Gripping Beast on a wim recently and decided to paint one this evening as I have been painting DPM for a while and fancied a break.

The figure itself is sculpted by Soapy and as I understand it he sculpted it for his own collection and the figure stirred up enough interest for the Beast to decide to stock him. Anyway he is a great little figure, and a bit different from anything else out there. Certainly I don't know of many other manufacturers producing anything like this.

As I said I have been painting DPM for a while so decided to go for some colour as I have no planned use for the figure and just picked them up on the basis that I thought they were great. I love how he ended up, and  the colour scheme was exactly what I wanted. I have another one of these models which I will slap some paint on at some point but probably a different paint scheme.

As an aside these figures are only £2 from the beast which I think is great value.


  1. Fantastic, just the suit for all those difficult jobs; which reminds me it's my turn to clean the toilet!!!

  2. Cheers mate, I wanted to go for a industrial sort of space 1999 look to it. Definitely going to get the other "laser troops" that Soapy has sculpted in this range.