Monday 18 July 2011

Downed Chopper Crew

I have spent the last couple of days painting up these four figures from Gripping Beast's Mo-Fo range. They are a rather nice downed chopper crew (as the post name suggests)which I have painted up to go with my other British DPM clad troops. I really like these models and the poses, I think they could be useful in a range of games including post apoc games as an objective etc.

If you need a helicopter crew for your forces I recommend these figures, there really nice and look just right.


  1. What a great set; as you say would make a great objective marker, I'm thinking 'Black Hawk Down' or 'Behind Enemy Lines' as movie inspiration.

  2. Yea they are a really nice set, its good because I don't think anyone else is producing a chopper crew.