Saturday, 23 July 2011

Four more on Patrol

Another four troopers for my little peace keeping force. Painted over the course of a couple of evenings they were a nice diversion from the drudgery of work. I have enjoyed painting up these and the other figures I got from Gripping Beast, it's been good to practice painting DPM and camo something I have never really done before, and a year ago I would have considered beyond me!

I will get some more of these guys in the future, but for the moment I'm going to be painting something else entierly. I have just ordered some of Hasslefree's space dwarf's (Grymms). Which should make a nice change from DPM.


  1. For me you have definitely nailed the DPM, good luck with the dwarves ; good to know someone else has diverse tastes!

  2. lol, thanks, I like to paint lots of different things keeps it interesting and stops me getting bored.