Saturday, 28 June 2014

Twice the fun

 Not a very exciting post today, I've spent the last week working on another two infantry Battalions for the 51st Highland Division. I've completed them as per the previous 4 Battalions that I've done and I'm pleased with the results. At this point I have 6 infantry Battalions completed which means I have two of the Divisions 3 Infantry Brigades finished.

I had intended to crack straight on having finished these and complete the last 3 infantry Battalions but I'm getting a bit bored as I've painted the same units countless times now. So instead I'll be working on the Battalions HQ stands and a couple of the Divisions support Battalions/Brigades, so more interesting things like arty etc.

Some more pics below of the two newly finished Battalions (1st Bn Gordon Highlanders and 5th Bn The Gordon Highlanders respectively)