Thursday, 12 June 2014

Naked Death

 Another four zombies to add to my shuffling horde, again these are from Studio Miniatures metal range. A joy to paint, although with hindsight their skin looks a bit "fresh" as I didn't give them enough green/rotten skin highlights.

 I painted this guy with pink bunny slippers, because you know what middle aged man doesn't have a pair of pink bunny slippers. Sadly they came out red looking in the pictures.

 I'm really pleased with how the white/grey hair came out though.

Since doing mr "should really be dead" I've added a load of blood to his base so there's a trail from where he's been dragging himself along.

I did a quick count today and it turns out I have a veritable horde of 24 zombies painted, with another 8 on the painting table! I'm pretty surprised to be honest as it didn't feel like I had painted that many. I'm going to get more plastic and metal zombies from Studio Miniatures as they all look good together. I've also just finished basing 2 more Infantry Battalions for my 6mm project so I expect to slog through them soon!

I've been considering trying to create a 6mm zombie project as I could build a proper town and stuff in 6mm, but I suspect that zombies is a "period" to far for 6mm.


  1. Superb, and that old naked dude is a great scuplt!

    1. Cheers mate, the studio miniatures figures are really nice.

  2. Gruesomely good! Nothing wrong with a fresh zombie, well there is, but you know what I mean.

  3. I was expecting something more kinky! But zombies are good and these are very good. Really like the bearded guy.