Thursday, 16 May 2013

Spreading the Word

For those of you who like having the opportunity to win prizes you should head on over to Tamsin's rather good blog where she is having a very generous prize draw Wargaming Girl all the rules are on the blog but basically every comment you make bags you an entry in the draw, and if you link to the competition on your own blog that gets you another 5 entries. So here I am shamelessly pimping Tamsins draw for my own ends!

Seriously though check it out she has been very generous with the prizes, and its a top blog.


  1. Thanks for the pimp-out! :)

  2. Doh I just noticed I had misspelled Tamsin's name in the second paragraph I guess that's what I get for putting a post up just before leaving for a meeting! still all fixed now.

  3. Smillie the Pimp is that going to be on your badge at Partizan, lol