Monday, 6 May 2013

Housing Build: Different Setups

 I've been doing bits and pieces on these for the last few days (amongst other  things), most of the work has been on the warehouse which is starting to take shape, although I'm still not really happy with the roof which was a bit of a make do and mend as I had run out of foam board.

Still I think all in all these are looking pretty good, Just thought I would take some pictures showing how they can be setup differently from a normal street, through to different types of "blocks". I will need to make pavements to run around the edges, and fronts which don't have integral pavements but that should be easy.

Other things on the to do list are chimneys, painting white bits brick colours, finishing the warehouse etc etc.


  1. This will be a great table addition and so versatile. Great Work


  2. Cheers mate, I'm pleased with how I can position them differently, should make them quite useful.