Tuesday, 15 May 2012

News Flash

My blog will probably be quiet for a while (although I will update with some thing) as I have just secured a 3 month contract dealing with flood claims in Thailand based in Bangkok. This came out of the blue when another UK based 6 month contract ended and an old employer asked me to fly out to Thailand at the end of this week.

The money is insanely good and its a bit of an adventure as I haven't been to Thailand before. I won't however be doing much (if any) model painting over the next 3 months as I will be working 6 day weeks while I am away and wont really have time for much painting.

But when I get back my financial position will be waaaaay better so I will probably be topping up the lead pile over the next few months so I can get on with some serious painting on return.

In the interim I'll post snaps and anything interesting from my work abroad here.


  1. Good luck and enjoy the adventure, at least you can plan what you want to do!!!


  2. Thanks chaps I'll post up some work/holiday snaps as and when

  3. That is amazing news and about time the Smillie household had something to cheer about. Well done and good luck!

  4. Mr Smillie all the best on tour adventure and have a enjoyable time. I look forward to you snaps and views on the wonderfully exotic country. All the best my friend.

  5. Cheers guys it really feels like after being kicked in the proverbials for the last 5 years my wife and I finally have some great luck! I intend to chart my time over there with pictures etc so you might end up bored with my snaps!