Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Cats, dictators in waiting

I thought as I have been slacking and not painted anything lately I would upload something else of the wifes. The scan has washed some of the the colour tone out but its still great looking. My wife and I are always joking that our Cat Loki is just waiting to smother me with a pillow and take over the world (lucky he has no opposable thumbs really).

The wife painted this a while back and I pulled it out of our little archive. I will attempt to try and get on with some more painting soonish. In other news my carers grant was approved so it looks like I can go to Partizan this year after all (and clean out my currently empty house at the same time so I can get it out to rent).


  1. Gorgeous! You are going to need to watch out for that one, opposable thumbs or not!

  2. Very nice! cats are brilliant creatures but sometimes they have a look whicjh seems to say they know more than they should.

  3. Mrs. Smillie sure captured the expression of the Home Sovereign! Reminds me of our last cat, Princess.

  4. This is what cats are about thats for sure. Looking forward to seeing you at Partizan mate.

  5. Thanks guys, you have to keep your eye on your feline companions there devious creatures!