Saturday, 24 March 2012

Funny looking cannon

Now those of you who follow my ramblings will recall I had said I would be painting my renegade miniatures 18pdr to accompany my crew. However upon getting the bits out to assemble and base ahead of undercoating I discovered I didn't have a suitable sized piece of MDF for the base. Being a bit busy I can't be arsed cutting and sanding a base at the moment, so I decided to paint these lovely figures instead. 

The models are the first five of 12 which I purchased from Eureka Miniatures (based in Australia) I have fancied getting these since I first saw them and upon finding I had some spare cash last month I decided to order them. The service was great and despite coming from the other side of the planet they appeared in the post within a week! 

I think the figures are amazing, really sharp clean sculpts with very few mould lines and those I found were tiny. I'm definitely going to order more figures from Eureka in the future. 

Paint wise I just went for a standard 80's era green, the eyes of the gas hoods are interesting. Most manufacturers usually fill the eye piece so you just paint it like a reflective material or similar. Uniquely (as far as I am aware) the sculptor has left the eye holes open. I opted to paint the flesh and then layered some PVA glue in the eye holes. This has left a pleasing reflective finish as though there are plastic eyepieces in the mask. I think this makes the figures look really nice as the lack of depth that some other figures have in the mask area can leave them looking a bit vacant. 


  1. Outstanding! I couldn't work out what was making them look so different but it is the eye holes. What a result, great work Sir!

  2. Great Noddy Suits and a lovely paintjob that you have done on them. They have a great ffel to them.

  3. Cheers chaps, I'm thinking of painting over the green with a camo pattern to add some more colour.

  4. I wanted really as the noddy suits where usually plain and they look good the way they are.

  5. What a great job you've done, the mask is amazing work!