Sunday, 4 March 2012

Back in the saddle

Well its been a while hasn't it! As I think I mentioned in earlier posts (around December) I have been moving house (and countries) changing jobs and sorting out a whole load of other dull rubbish. As a result I haven't felt motivated to paint, and as I don't currently have a dedicated modelling area (as I did in my other house) I have found it very difficult to get on and paint.

Today I bit the bullet and painted up this Ottoman Turk officer from Gripping Beast. The figure has been lying in a box, under coated since I painted my other Ottomans. He didn't get painted before because I left him to dry in the garage after undercoating and as a result the paint didn't dry smooth. I therefore hadn't fancied painting him at the time.

If you look closely you will note the paint finish is sort of dimpled as a result of the poor undercoat. But putting that aside I was pleased with how he came out as I haven't painted in circa 3 months! I'm currently waiting on some American GI's in 80'S MOP gear from Eureka miniatures to come through. But I'm thinking I need a more long term modelling project.

Looking over my collection I don't really have any WW2 Yanks, I have always like the range Offensive miniatures produce so I'm thinking I'l collect a 1to 1 US airborne platoon. Aim is to have it painted up in 6 months, I could do it much quicker but I have a lot of crap going on so motivation is still a bit of an issue!


  1. Great to have you back Sir! I trust that there is some light at the end of the tunnel? Regardless of time off you seem to have lost none of your skill or deft touches with the brush; great work on the Turk. Love the idea of an US Airborne troop; been rather taken by the Warlord Games ones, painted up as the 101st.

  2. He looks good smillie I really like those turks!

  3. Cheers gents, it was fun to get back into some painting.

  4. To your high standards as usual Mr Smillie and its good to see you back. I hope that all the stuff you needed to do has been sorted now.

  5. Good to have you back and nice work.....