Sunday, 31 July 2016

Flower Class

Having recently finished reading one of my favorite novels, The Cruel Sea, for what must be the 100th time by now (possibly not but you get the idea) I decided to finally scratch a Naval modelling itch that has been tickling me for years. 

I purchased a pack of Flower class corvettes by GHQ along with some other GHQ models, and made a start. I have painted up all four of these in one evening and enjoyed every minute. The other 3 will appear in a future post as they are not based yet.  

 I was quite concerned that I would struggle with these as despite painting a lot of 6mm figures over the years I have never touched any 1/2400 stuff at all before, and certainly not naval. I went for a classic western approaches camo pattern, albeit simplified somewhat for obvious reasons. I'm very pleased with how they turned out and have already made a start on my next batch of ships.
 The basing was a quandary for a little while, I toyed with buying one of the realistic water products that several other bloggers seem to have used, but didn't really want to wait on the delivery. Equally I didn't fancy using filler which was also recommended as my personal experience with filler is it either takes an age to dry or cracks awkwardly over time.

In the end I simply painted the base (laser cut mdf) in varying shades of blue with some black inks then carefully stippled white around the bow and wake to show whitecaps on the waves. All in all I like the effect, When stood back at "game distance" the effect is very nice, and even up close its not to bad.
Pictured with  2p piece to show size (couldn't find a penny) really is quite tiny. 


  1. Absolutely brilliant, but my word they are tiny!

  2. Great work at this tiny scale! Cruel Sea as in the book by Nicholas Monsarrat? I haven't read it myself but I have heard rave reviews about it. Hmmmm, I'm gonna put it in my to-read-one-day list. :)

    1. thanks mate, yes the very same. Its what I would call an good book with interesting content. Its not the best book ever written about the battle of the Atlantic but its very "readable"